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Action Racket Theatre Web Site Project

The Action Racket Theatre web site is a live site now in active re-design and development. The intention is to completely refactor site information architecture, as well as user experience.  Here you can view the current beta.

The development process has gone through two phases, as follows:

User Experience Design

This process, begun Fall 2014 as a project at NYU Tandon School of Engineering (formerly NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering), included user surveys, research, paper and other prototypes, user testing and finally, a high fidelity clickable prototype created in Axure. Further information can be viewed on the User Experience Design Page.

Site Redevelopment

Redevelopment, began Summer 2015 as a project at NYU Tandon School of Engineering. At this point, information architecture and user interface were both streamlined. A screenshot of the resulting beta home page appears above. Development proceeded from a plain HTML5 click-through skeleton and iteratively added on custom hand-coded CSS3, then finally use of the Foundation Framework.

The site will go back into active development no later than this Fall (2016) with anticipated completion by next Spring (2017).

Sample code from the project appears below: