Action Racket Theatre

Action Racket Theatre Re-Imagined

NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Fall 2014


This three-and-a-half-week project, I created a high-fidelity prototype for the complete re-design of the Action Racket Theatre web site.  The prototype sought to streamline information architecture and completely overhaul the user experience of the site, using UX design techniques.

This prototype has since changed rather markedly with the beta development of the site detailed in the web development section of this site.

The final results of this effort are depicted in the screenshot below. Here you can view the completed prototype, realized in Axure.

Action Racket Theatre Prototype

Action Racket Theatre Prototype

How I Got There

Among the initial steps taken were user surveys about the existing site and what respondents felt would best benefit the site. Key results of these surveys are illustrated below:

Survey Results

Survey Results

Project Booklet

Additional steps included creation of user flow diagrams, user personas, paper prototypes and comparative analysis, all of which appear here in the project booklet.