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DADAnewyork Home Page Beta

Development Plans

If you look closely at the photo caption above and the photo, you might recognize me as one of the actors in the DADAnewyork theatre company. The company is presently re-establishing itself after the great loss of its co-director, Mort Kroos, also pictured above. This site was one of my earliest efforts in design, just as I was learning the rudiments. As such, it is very much in need of a facelift. The home page in the screenshot comprises the beginning efforts toward that end in 2014.

Further development plans for the site will include:

  • Streamlining information architecture
  • Inclusion of Multimedia content such as performance clips
  • Complete User Experience Design Overhaul

Here you may view the beta site.

Initial PHP code for the home page may be viewed below:

Initial CSS code for the site may be viewed here: