Frick Collection

Frick Collection Lightbox Prototype

NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Fall 2014


This five-week team project involved the creation of a prototype for a real-world project with The Frick Collection for a Lightbox web application that allowed archivists and other users to organize and document works of art within their collection and to allow for outside users to create their own collections.

Here, you may view the final product, a high-fidelity clickable prototype.

Frick Light Box Prototype

Frick Light Box Prototype

How We Got There

Among my contributions to the project was initial user research.

My interviewee was Susan Chute, a longtime personal friend and colleague, formerly head of the Art and Picture Collection at the New York Public Library. She is currently archivist at the Women’s Studio Workshop.

A notable observation she made is:

“…the most important quality of a digital asset is findability, which means the search box has to be flexible and very good. And you’re only as good as your metadata…I worked in the New York Public Library…the Picture Collection had good metadata…we described the metadata very carefully so the search terms worked.”

Project Booklet

I also participated in creation and organization of content in the project booklet presented to staff members of the Frick Collection. Here you can download the project booklet.