Typography Design Projects



Use Typography to Express Meaning of a Word

School of Visual Arts, Fall 2012

This piece uses typography, and the shape of a Boeing B-52 bomber aircraft, to make a statement on the word—or in this case, the ubiquitous acronym—”WMD.”

Steppenwolf Book Jacket

Book Jacket for Steppenwolf

Book Jacket Project

School of Visual Arts, Fall 2012

This project explored usage of typography in a graphic context, making a book jacket for a pre-existing book of our choice. The liner notes on this piece are taken from the Algora Publishing edition with a new translation by Thomas Wayne.

Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot Poster

Theatrical Poster Project

School of Visual Arts, Fall 2012

This project involved creating a theatrical poster for the play of our choice using typography and integrating graphic imagery. This fictionalized production had its counterpart—with somewhat different casting—in a London production in which Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen starred as Vladimir and Estragon. I was fortunate enough to see the same production on Broadway two years later.